System components

Compresor Climatuff

Climatuff Compressor: The Heart of every system


Trane designs and manufactures the finished compressor, and also build most of the internal parts. Each one meets our engineer’s specifications. The Climatuff compressor is designed to give years of comfort and offer 10 year limited Warranty.

The compressor has to be pumping strong for your air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. It is the single most important component in your air conditioner. The climatuff’s all aluminum frame not only dissipates heat, but its light weight reduces stress on its mounting springs. The climatuff compressor an all-aluminum frame, motor housing, pistons and connecting rod help to reduce thermal stress and help the compressor run cooler by dissipating heat away from the bearing surfaces. A quality compressor helps ensure more reliable, longer lasting and high efficiency unit. The Trane Climatuff compressor has proven its reliability in more than ten millions installation. And, it is designed and manufacture to match the requirements of the models it is used in.



  • Designed and manufactured by Trane.
  • Suitable for the demanding requirements of air conditioning.
  • Most rigorously tested compressor in the industry.
  • Proven reliability in over ten million installations.