Voyager - Package Units


This line of packaged units ranges from 12½ to 25 tons.
This factory-assembled product is available in cooling/gas heat, cooling/electric heat, and heat pump models. A packaged unit is a heating or cooling unit that is self-contained.

Typical Applications

Low-rise buildings, manufacturing/distribution facilities, and retail outlets.

Eficiencia de la Unidad

Nuestras unidades de eficiencia standard son de un SEER de 10, además contamos con modelos de enfriamiento y calefacción con la selección de electricidad o gas propano en alta eficiencia de hasta un SEER de 12.4. (Corregido)

Gas Heat Exchanger

  • Built to last ... the drum and tube heat exchanger is designed for increased efficiency and reliability and has utilized improved technology incorporated in the industrial quality packaged unit for over 20 years. The heat exchanger is manufactured using aluminized steel with stainless steel components for maximum durability
  • The American National Standards Institute (Z21.47) requires that heat exchangers be cycle tested 10,000 times, the same cycle test standard required by UL and AGA. Trane demands that their design be tested to 2.5 times the ANSI standard and has actually tested and passed over 150,000 cycles ... that's over 15 times the ANSI cycling requirement
  • The negative pressure gas valve found on Voyager units will not allow gas flow unless the combustion blower motor is energized. This feature makes Voyager one of the safest gas heat systems on the market today
  • The forced combustion blower supplies pre-mixed fuel through a single stainless steel burner screen into a sealed drum where ignition takes place. It is more reliable to operate and maintain than a multiple burner system
  • The Hot surface ignition is a gas device which doubles as a safety device utilizing a continuous test to prove the flame. The design is cycle tested at the factory for quality and reliability

Electric Heaters

Wide selections of heater kW sizes are available to fit within the cooling/electric and heat pump rooftops. These electric heaters are constructed of heavy-duty nickel chromium elements. They are internally delta connected for 240 volt and wye connected for 480 and 600 volt. All heaters meet NEC and CEC safety requirements when properly installed, and are UL listed and CSA certified. Power assemblies provide single-point power connection.

Dedicated Airflow Ease of Installation ... Voyager's units provide many time and money-saving features.

The dedicated design units, either down flow or horizontal, require no panel removal or alteration time to convert in the field – a major cost savings during installation.

Horizontal units come complete with duct flanges so the contractor doesn't have to field fabricate them. These duct flanges are a time and cost saver.

Unit Efficiency

Along with our standard efficiency units, we offer high efficiency cooling/electric and gas/electric models with EER up to 12.4 – AFUE and Steady State up to 81.0%.

Trane Built Compressors

Reliability ... Built Into the Heart of the Machine.

The compressor is the heart of any air conditioner. Voyager light commercial units contain the best compressor technology available, in order to achieve the highest performance possible. Most models feature the Trane-built scroll compressors. These compressors are designed specifically to ensure system quality. Five years of operation are simulated in a 16-week test in the system extreme environment test (SEET) facility.

Microprocessor Controls ... Reliable by Design.

The Trane Micro was developed with only two thoughts in mind; reliability and comfort. The Micro provides for all unit control whether it be heating, cooling, economizing, or ventilating. It eliminates compressor short cycling and guarantees minimum run times so that the compressors will always be ready to provide the comfort you expect. Fewer moving parts in the control of the components that in the past had to be bought and added to the system on site are now an integral part of the Micro, things like "anti-short cycle timers" and "time delay relay." In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, on-board diagnostics are there to assist in troubleshooting and getting you back online fast.

Easy to Install and Service

Having a unit that's easy to install and service is an important benefit for everyone. It means less time on the job and therefore lower cost. Voyager's conversion less units provides money and time-saving features to meet these requirements.

No job-site conversion ... the dedicated down flow and horizontal unit configurations eliminate the need for time-consuming field conversions.

U-shaped airflow allows for improved static capabilities. The need for high static motor conversion is minimized and time isn't spent changing to high static oversized motors.

Micro Diagnostics - The Micro's diagnostics can provide valuable service information about the condition of the unit and are especially helpful when used in conjunction with an Integrated Comfort system.

Low Voltage Terminal Board - is external to the electrical control cabinet. It is extremely easy to locate, and attaching the thermostat wire is a snap. And, a simple jumper applied to the low voltage terminal board can place the unit in "test mode" for easy problem diagnosis.

Access - to all of Voyager's components is accomplished by single-side service through the Quick-Sess and Quick-Access panels. No more than three screws must be removed to access all components.

Quick-Adjust Idler Arm ... available on all units, allows easy adjustment of the belt and sheaves without moving the mounted fan motor.

Colored and Numbered Wiring ... saves time and money tracing wires and diagnosing the unit.

Single Point Power ... a single electrical connection powers the unit.

Application Flexibility

Voyager was designed to meet the toughest job standards and to handle the most complex applications.

High Efficiency Units - Along with our standard efficiency units, we offer high efficiency cooling/electric and gas/electric models up to 25 tons.

Factory Installed Options (FIOPS) Voyager's wide variety of factory-installed options eliminates time-consuming accessory field installations. Among these options are: Hinged Access Doors, Through-the-Base Electrical with either a Disconnect Switch or Circuit Breaker, Powered or Unpowered Convenience Outlet, Through-the-Base Gas Piping, and many, many more.

Airflow is outstanding. The Voyager can replace an older machine with old ductwork and, in some cases, improve the comfort through better air distribution.

Sloped Condensate Drain Pans can be found in all Voyager units. To improve indoor air quality, these drain pans ensure proper slope and drainage in order to prevent conditions of water stagnation that result in microbial growth.

Integrated Comfort System The Voyager Micro provides advanced diagnostics and status when used in conjunction with Trane's Integrated Comfort systems.

VariTrac - is an electronic control system that provides a thermostat for every comfort zone and the intelligence to control their comfort.

Each thermostat allows the VariTrac air damper to carefully monitor and cool the temperature of each zone, eliminating varying temperatures throughout a building. By using microelectronic technology, Trane provides cost effective variable air volume comfort to traditional single-zone office buildings.

Tracker - building management panel provides microelectronic control and monitoring. Tracker communicates with Voyager zone controllers with the ability to track status points and alarm messages on a communications link, creating a total Integrated Comfort System.

Tracker software provides scheduling, monitoring, and timed override capabilities, as well as local and auto dial-out indication of alarms. Operator interface is simple and user-friendly with the use of icons on the keypad and a two-line liquid crystal display (LCD).

Tracer - Integrated Comfort system, when coupled with Voyager, provides the ultimate in centralized control, monitoring, energy management, and equipment diagnostic functions.   Tracer provides the ability to monitor and control the operation of each rooftop unit and coordinate their operation with other HVAC equipment.

Tracer provides the ability to monitor and control the operation of each rooftop unit and coordinate their operation with other HVAC equipment.

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