Odyssey: Commercial Split System


A Complete Split System

Odyssey delivers the flexibility to select a complete system that meets your particular job requirements. Air handlers are designed, tested, and rated with condensing units to let you select the proper match between capacity and load. Condensing units can also be matched with Trane built-up air handlers. Evaporator coils can be selected for use with gas furnaces. Also, these matched systems can be quickly engineered for specific applications using Trane's computerized selection and load programs.

Heat Pump and Condensing Unit Options

  • The Odyssey split system product line includes heat pump and condensing units     and single, unloading, and dual compressor options.
  • The single compressor models feature single refrigeration circuitry lowering job installation costs by requiring only one set of refrigerant lines. These units are ideal for the low cost, new construction jobs as well as renovation and replacement buildings.
  • Equally important, Odyssey offers a single refrigerant circuit/capacity unloading compressor option in 10- and 15-ton condensing units. These unloading units feature dual manifolded scroll compressors. They offer an excellent opportunity for both new construction and replacement jobs with two stages of capacity modulation and a single refrigeration circuit.
  • In addition, Odyssey dual compressor units give true stand-by protection. If one compressor fails, the second will automatically startup. Also, the first compressor can be serviced without shutting down the unit since refrigerant circuits are independent.
  • Dual compressors are not just for protection, they also save energy costs. Most buildings are designed for the peak load requirements yet the building usually operates at less than peak load. During light load conditions only one     compressor functions to maintain the space comfort, reducing the need for energy. For instance, the SEER of the 15-ton heat pump at ARI conditions is 10.1 and at part-load conditions is 11.6 SEER.
  • Trane split systems have been specified in thousands of applications and you'll     find Odyssey will win you even more jobs with its smaller, more manageable     cabinet. This lighter, compact design will save time and money for rigging and     installation. And the compactness will permit Trane's unit to replace almost any unit – effortlessly.

Air Handlers Offer More Flexibility

Flexibility is a key to meeting changing market requirements. Odyssey split systems offer not only heat pumps and condensing units, but also convertible air handlers. The air handlers can be installed either vertically in a mechanical room or horizontally above a ceiling. They don't require any removal of panels to make airflow application work. These air handlers have a double-sloped condensate drain pan that allows airflow configuration. The drain pan can easily be removed for cleaning. All the air handlers feature factory-installed belt drive and ball bearing evaporator fans with adjustable sheaves for maximum airflow performance. In fact, the standard motor on the 10-ton air handler will deliver 400 cfm at 1.4" ESP. Also, oversized motors are available for higher static applications.

Odyssey air handler versatility is further increased by a complete line of accessories designed to match and install smoothly:

  • Discharge plenum and grille
  • Return grille
  • Sub base
  • Electric heaters
  • High static evaporator motor
  • Isolators, both rubber-in-shear and spring type
  • A Full line of thermostats
  • Outdoor thermostat
  • Lower Installation Costs

Bajos Costos de Instalación

Sus costos de instalación se pueden reducir con un sistema Odyssey. La manejadora de aire y la unidad exterior están empacadas y ensambladas de fabrica de esta manera la instalación es mas fácil y rápida. Usted puede obtener una unidad completa con todos sus componentes, controles y toda la instalación eléctrica interna de fábrica. Diferente a otros modelos de la competencia, los siguientes componentes son instalaciones de fábrica en las manejadores de aire Trane:

  • Entrada simple de energía.
  • Turbina.
  • Transformador.
  • Contactor.
  • Abanico.
  • Serpentín de Expansión Directa con circuito completo de refrigeración.
  • Serpentín DX con sistema de Refrigeración completo.
  • Válvula de expansión y “check valve”.

El sistema Odyssey ofrece bajos costos de labor y menos oportunidades que ocurran errores de instalación. Todo esto significa ahorro de dinero tanto en aplicaciones de reemplazo como nuevas construcciones.