Turn Shoppers into Buyers with Better Indoor Air Quality.

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Retail environments that are too hot or compromised by a bad odor are extremely irritating to shoppers. People prefer cooler store temperatures. Fresh air is a must! Employee productivity suffers, too, when working conditions are uncomfortable.

No matter what you sell or which services you provide, your customers and employees are top priorities. Trane will provide your business with the ability to have a comfortable and reliable environment. Trane will provide the best air conditioning solution, helping create the right environment to maximize employee productivity and customer satisfaction. From a wide range of package units and splits systems Trane will find the right one to fit your specific needs.

When Operational Cost Matters...

Trane light commercial equipment (high efficiency package and split systems) offer the best return on investment where it matters your wallet. By using high efficiency split and package units you could save up on your monthly electric bill.


Trane provides indoor climate control systems for every type and size of retail facility. Our HVAC solutions can be easily replicated across similar stores or geographic areas.

Light commercial packaged rooftop units — Precedent™ and Voyager™ — provide reliable climate control. They reduce unpleasant odors and damaging humidity through factory-installed options such as MERV 13 high-efficiency filtration and hot-gas reheat.

Larger shopping malls achieve better temperature control and superior energy efficiency by installing industrial chillers by Trane. Implementing a sustainability plan? The EarthWise™ CenTraVac® centrifugal chiller is proven and documented to be the most sustainable industrial chiller on the planet.


Being proactive in planning the replacement of old, worn-out units with new, energy-efficient equipment from Trane, can maximize savings, minimize hassles and ensure reliable operation!


Conditions inside retail stores affect perceptions about price and value. An easy-to-manage building automation system featuring Tracer™ SC building automation system makes it easy to maintain a comfortable shopping environment. Tracer ES™, a web-based enterprise management system, which enables centralized climate control over multiple store locations, helps you create a consistent brand experience from store to store. Organizations that prefer an internal approach to energy analysis and management can leverage Trane eView™ software. This energy reporting and dashboard solution makes it easy to track and document energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

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