Climate Control and Customer Satisfaction

Customer and staff loyalty can depend on how well cooking exhaust, fumes, odors and humidity are managed. Climate control systems that are inadequate or out of balance are the underlying cause of many complaints:


  • Drafty conditions near the front door and kitchen pass-through
  • Hot and cold spots in the dining room
  • Excessive odors and smoke from the kitchen
  • Unsafe, slippery kitchen floors caused by excessive humidity


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Trane offers solutions and the best reliability in the market, no matter the requirement. From long hours of continuous operation, to the necessary air balancing demands, Trane can provide a wide range of light commercial equipment. Combined with the right temperatures to provide a quiet comfortable environment, Trane can be an important asset to improve your business needs by providing a qualified equipment advisory team, plus a complete parts and service department. Typical products for this market include split systems and package units.

When Operational Cost Matters...

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Trane light commercial equipment (high efficiency package and split systems) offer the best return on investment where it matters your wallet. By using high efficiency split and package units you could save up to 40% on your monthly electric bill.


Heating and air conditioning typically account for nearly 25 percent of a restaurant's energy use, second only to cooking. Trane restaurant HVAC solutions improve HVAC-related energy efficiency by 20 to 35 percent. And the cost to purchase and install them can be less than traditional solutions.

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Trane Planned Replacement Program

Being proactive in planning the replacement of old, worn-out units with new, energy-efficient equipment from Trane, can maximize savings, minimize hassles and ensure reliable operation!

Please contact your Trane representative to learn more about how Trane's Planned Replacement program can help you.


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