Life Science: Quality goals & speed to market

Installation, operation and performance

Trane provides solutions for facilities devoted to research, development, manufacturing, and product stability across the life science industry. Our integrated systems provide tightly controlled environments for pharmaceuticals, genome projects, medical devices and

A full range of biotechnology products. The life science market is a global market that includes all manufacturers, which are governed by government regulations. The FDA governs the US, representing 50% of the global market. The FDA sponsored agreement with many other countries as the final authority on the process of manufacturing. The specialized demands of operating life science facilities are inescapable. Running safe is essential to the well-being of thousands or even millions of people. Trane offers the products and expertise to make your HVAC (heat & ventilation air conditioner) systems a point of absolute reliability in this equation.

Trane offers a true strategic partnership, always focused on your business requirements and goals. Trane specialize in recommending the ideal solutions for integration challenges encompassing existing and new equipment, and taking every step necessary to help the validation and compliance requirements.

Industry standards require that facilities operate at peak efficiency, and you must have confidence in the success of the regulatory compliance initiatives. Trane maintains an intensive focus on meeting the rigorous chilled-water and control requirements for life science facilities As a result of intensive research with active customers in this industry, Trane provide systems and services that address your needs at every stage of the life science process.

Trane is the right choice for maximum reliability and uptime, more efficient system validation, and outstanding support in maintaining regulatory compliance and offer a wide range of chillers, modular climate change and chilled water fan coils to accomplish that.