The healthcare industry consists of public, private, and nonprofit institutions. Trane recognizes that medical facilities main concerns are the high maintenance operational costs incurred daily, which include indoor air quality issues, high energy costs, maintenance problems with HVAC equipment and lack of maintenance among others. Nowadays, offering the highest quality care is not enough; you need to offer quality care at a competitive cost. Minimizing energy and operational related costs can significantly enhance your competitive position. We can provide solutions to better serve your needs, from utilizing High Efficiency Chillers to minimize energy costs to provide customized air handling units with the highest filtration available to avoid or control airborne infections.

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It is a maintenance engineer worst nightmare to have equipment failed and not be able to diagnose and repair a unit as soon as possible. Trane offers the availability of 24/7 service contracts, to better serve you in time of need. As a leader in the HVAC industry we can contribute with improving critical and pertinent areas of concern to administrators and engineers alike. Trane can be a provider of integrated facilities systems.