Why Trane?

Reliability, surability, efficiency

La marca Trane

Reliability: Trane and reliability go hand in hand. Every day we stake our reputation on the fact that our products work when they need to. The heart of reliable Trane system is the Climatuff Compressor. Since 1938 when the industry’s first hermetic centrifugal refrigeration machine was introduced by Trane, we have leaded the way in defining the standards in compressor technology. Our reciprocating compressor was the first successful heat pump compressor and is well known for its superior durability, its low noise level, and its ability to provide high operating efficiencies. The Climatuff scroll compressor uses a similar design and the same tasting standards to continue the Trane tradition of excellence in compressor technology. Trane uses either a reciprocating or scroll compressor in all USA manufactured outdoor products, depending on the level of efficiency and reliability required for a specific application.

Durability: Trane manufactures products using durable materials and time-proven technologies. Products that stand the daily demands of living and constant requirements of comfort and that are built to last a long time. At Trane, we build in durability from the inside out. Trane design the indoor and outdoor products with exacting specification and innovative features that will wear over time. We use only the most durable materials like the Powder Paint finish in the manufacturing process, materials that have passed the test for strength and resistance to stress. Trane finish the outdoor units with a protective coating, so our products can stand up to any climate, from coast to coast, for years to come.

Efficiency: Heat transfer is one of the most important factors in achieving cooling efficiencies. Trane’s proprietary coil design, Spine Fin, has proven to be superior to any other technology. Extensive research and development have to lead to the innovative heat transfer characteristics of radiating finned, all aluminum Spine Fin heat exchangers. The coil technology has proven to provide ultra-levels of efficiency. In other words when consumers purchase a more efficient system they can significantly save money. Trane continues its tradition of excellence in heat transfer by focusing on the basics of success: always using modern an innovative technologies, similar metals and proven materials, maintaining Trane high standards in the manufacturing process. Consumers have come to expect a higher standard of efficiency and durability from Trane products. Spine Fin full fills this expectation.