The Trane Brand

Trane is a different kind of manufacturer

  • Trane do not just assemble pieces into parts and parts into air conditioners. Trane builds air conditioners systems for the residential, light commercial and industrial markets.
  • Trane engineers spend years researching and developing products based on the analysis of consumer and dealer’s needs.
  • Trane design our products and System Components using the most durable materials and the most innovative technology available.
  • Trane components are extremely Reliable, Durable and Efficient.
  • We manufacture our products with the tightest specifications and the highest industry standards. When these components are combined into a system with a recognized Warranty and the proper Maintenance orientation, you can imagine the impact they can make in a home comfort.
  • When designed around a consumer lifestyle and specific needs is an important element for your purchase decision.
  • A Trane system is the best long term solution for providing a superior level of indoor comfort.