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Chiller Air Cool Rental


1—RTAA125—TON-460 VOLT

2---RTAC200--TON-460 VOLT

3—RTAA200—TON-460 VOLT

4—RTAA300—TON-460 VOLT

5—RTAC400—TON-460 VOLT

6—RTAA400—TON-460 VOLT

Each unit includes 100 feet of electric cord per line, 200 feet of hose and a water pump.

Trane provides long- or short-term temporary cooling and heating solutions for a variety of applications. As a leader in the HVAC industry, customers have access to unmatched design and application knowledge. Trane uses only modern, reliable equipment to ensure your temporary systems operate smoothly.

Retrofit or Replacement:
Allows you to separate your facility or process from your primary HVAC system and provide full, undistributed access to temporary cooling/heating in times of retrofit, renovation, or replacement.

Whether a natural disaster or equipment failure takes your HVAC system down, a rental system can get you back in business - fast!

Planned Maintenance:
Supplying cooling during planned equipment maintenance eliminates the time pressure to get your primary HVAC system back online. This allows the maintenance to be done right the first time and without costly overtime.

Standby Cooling:
Provides back-up cooling to critical manufacturing and chemical processes, or when a hospital required system redundancy that has been reused.

Supplemental Cooling:
Supplement your existing cooling output with a rental system to meet record high or low temperature. Be prepared for the unexpected.

Cooling System Testing/Proving:
Experiment with a rental system to model a future process or prototype, allowing the cooling requirements to be determined prior to purchasing the system. Or, rent the exact equipment you intend to purchase for added assurance.

Unique Cooling:
Trane Rental Services can satisfy almost any cooling need. Rental Services has made ice for portable ice rinks, kept penguins cool at an animal park, and even provided cooling for a process that pumped oxygen into a copper mine. One customer used it to freeze the ground around the Alaskan oil pipeline so that caribou could cross it safely.

Leadership and Innovation:
Trane has the industry's largest and most technically proficient sales and service organization. With equipment ready and available in Puerto Rico for rental, a temporary system can be delivered, installed, and operating - fast! Trane is ready to work with you on all of your temporary solutions. Please contact the office number listed below to obtain more information.

Reliable and Modern Equipment:
Each component of Trane's temporary system is modern and reliable. At the heart of every temporary system is a Trane chiller that incorporates the latest standards for chiller reliability and CFC-free operation. Every component is continuously upgraded, maintained, and tested for peak performance. All units are thoroughly inspected by qualified Trane technicians prior to shipment to ensure equipment arrives ready for the job. Therefore, you get a reliable system ready to go when it gets to the job site.

Air Cooled Chillers and Voyager™ Commercial Rental Units :
Air Cooled Chillers ranging from 125 to 400 Tons are available in plataforms for quick delivery and installation. Package includes a dedicated pump with basic hose connections. Voyager Commercial rental units are originally packaged as rooftop units designed to provide both heating and cooling. All units have been modified to ensure fast, reliable, and cost-effective installation for your temporary needs. To ensure reliability, these units are thoroughly inspected prior to every shipment. Finally, Voyager Commercial rental units provide a temporary, cost-effective solution until you are able to repair or replace existing equipment.

Rental Equipment List:
Product Equipment - Air-cooled chillers - Water-cooled chillers - Packaged DX units - Air-handling units Enhancements - Cam Locks - Shore Power - Phase Monitor - Base Frame - Flex-duct - Pump Skids - Electrical Cable - Chiller/Pump Packaged Ancillary Products - Hose

Cooling Contingency Planning:
How much would the loss of cooling cost your business? Contingency plans are common for other aspects of everyday operations, such as power outages. If cooling is an important component of your facility's operation, having a contingency plan in place makes good sense. Trane has developed a comprehensive program that helps facility owners and managers institute a Cooling Contingency Plan. You and a Trane representative will evaluate your facility's cooling system and identify potential sources of failure. The ensuing Cooling Contingency Plan will contain solutions to these failure scenarios, with the goal to minimize downtime and reduce the risk of financial loss to your facility.